Name of Éclat

Éclat is derived from the French language meaning ‘a flash of brilliance’. Starting from this beautiful term we try to give a splash of beauty in our patients, making it more radiant, and durable. Just like the meaning of our name, we want to make a dazzling effect through your beauty.


Concept: New Generation Clinic

Éclat Clinique is a new generation of aesthetic clinic in Jakarta. What makes us different is we specifically provide aesthetic specialists for your beauty in a high-end clinic. We are ready to help you achieve what you desire with your body, through informative consultation session that provides the base knowledge of our treatments, problem detection, and the post-treatment consultation session. Our goal is to make your dreams come true: radiating your beautiful skin, making your body shape greater, and also rejuvenating your feminine area.


Éclat’s phylosophy is about creating the good results and high levels of patient satisfaction.

  1. Quality perfection
  • We perform our services based on the highest international standards, bringing the world’s best technologies and training to our clinic. We only use the tested and proven aesthetic equipments and products which have shown the highest client satisfaction worldwide.
  • We offer the highest level of service and care from our qualified staff. Continuous training and improvement is our investment priority.


  1. Reliable
  • In Éclat, we place your beauty & health as our primary concern. This statement leads us to treat patient with honesty, we only give reliable suggestions treatments to their condition.
  • And for the cost, we set our price at great value level, maybe not the cheapest but reliable and competitive price.


  1. Personal
  • Not everyone is the same. Our doctors are trained to provide each client with a personal plan to their condition. We treat them as a whole and as a unique person.